The Work

‘The realism and attention to detail of Lottie's work were a key part in bringing the HMS Alliance back to life.
 It was great to have Lottie on the team, both when researching the subject with veteran submariners and completing the final installation.’
Henry Lyndsay. Lyndsay Design.

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How I work: 

  • I start with the story and available resources 
  • Undertake in depth research to ensure historical accuracy, relevance and impact. 
  • Evaluate the setting and identify public access and visual and tactile accessibility 
  • Build pieces with a tough inner structure and robust fixing points to ensure security and durability 
  • I work on site or in my studio using a range of materials and innovative techniques to provide long-lasting realism 
  • I can install exhibits myself, or work as part of a team – whatever’s best to create maximum visual effect.